About ME

S M Rakibul Hasan

Passionate Psychologist and Author

As a committed and enthusiastic psychology professional, I offer a depth of expertise to the work I do. With a Master of Science in Psychology from Dhaka University, I have made it my mission to comprehend and improve mental health. My broad range of research interests includes self-destructive behaviors, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), marital and family therapy, learning and memory, mental health in the digital age, cognition, and neuroscience.

My academic journey has been enriched by active participation in research and a myriad of real-world encounters. I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of community-driven initiatives as the founder and chief coordinator of the “Torjoni Foundation,” a non-profit in Dhaka, Bangladesh, dedicated to serving street children with developmental disabilities. Additionally, I spearheaded the Dhaka University Psychology Research Club, where we delved into the latest advancements in psychological science.

In my role as a Psychologist at Restart Mental Health Service, I’ve had the privilege of putting my skills into practice, conducting relationship counseling sessions, family therapy, and expert counseling for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. This holistic approach aims to promote happiness and foster deep, meaningful relationships.

I am deeply committed to expanding our understanding of human psychology and possess a diverse skill set, including expertise in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Family Therapy, Tele-Mental Health, and more. My proficiency in research methodology, report writing, and public speaking allows me to effectively communicate complex ideas and findings. Additionally, my proficiency in SPSS, Microsoft Office Suite (including PowerPoint and Excel), and research design enables me to conduct rigorous and comprehensive research studies.

I am passionate about collaborating with like-minded individuals to explore the myriad opportunities that arise when psychology, science, and volunteer work intersect. Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover new insights into the complexities of the human mind.


Master of Science in Psychology

University of Dhaka (DU), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grade point Average (GPA) Earned: 3.29 Out of 4.00 (According to WES)                      

In 2018, I obtained my Master of Science degree in Psychology from the prestigious University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, renowned for its academic eminence. Within this research-focused atmosphere, I refined essential competencies, particularly in Research Methodology and Data Analysis, complemented by a deep understanding of Mental Health and Epidemiology. Additionally, I actively participated in the organization of the Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Conference, illustrating proficiency in research coordination and event management. This experience fortified my dedication to advancing psychological research and prepared me for collaborative endeavors, including my role as a research assistant in a lab overseen by Professor Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin, where I adeptly utilize research software such as Mendeley, SPSS

Major courses: Environmental Psychology, Neuropsychology, Developmental Disabilities, Positive Psychology, and Advanced Social Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

University of Dhaka (DU), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grade point Average (GPA) Earned: 3.11 Out of 4.00 (According to WES)

In 2017, I attained my Bachelor of Science degree from the esteemed University of Dhaka, known for its academic distinction. Within this research-centric setting, I honed robust skills in research methodology and data analysis, augmenting my comprehension of academia. Additionally, I actively participated in extracurricular pursuits, including founding the "Torjoni Foundation" aimed at assisting street children with developmental disabilities, alongside my teaching responsibilities. Moreover, my engagement provided opportunities to utilize research software like Mendeley, SPSS, and Kubo Toolbox, enhancing my analytical capabilities.

Major courses: Introduction to Psychology, Statistics in Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Advanced Social Psychology, Human Phisiology, Child and Adolescent Development, Psychological Testing, Economics, Social Work, Research Methodology, Abnormal Psychology, History of Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Health Psychology, Biopsychology, Computer Application and Data Analysis, Theories of Learning, Theories of Personality, Perception, Adulthood and Aging, Organigational Behavior, Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Psychology of Gender Roles and Relations, Cognitive Psychology